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The UEFA Europa League is a tourney in which 48 European clubs play in six rounds to be crowned winners and win an automatic place in the UEFA Champions League the following season. Since its establishment, the UEFA Europa League has established itself as a captivating and fiercely competitive option for European teams who miss out on qualification for the UEFA Champions League. Here's a comprehensive guide to this club soccer tournament, which has been held annually since 1971.


How did a team get to participate in the competition?


All Europa League participants earn their places through their final ranking in national leagues or their performance in national cup competitions. The qualification process varies according to the UEFA coefficients, where the highest ranking associations give their teams the subsequent entry into the qualifying rounds, which add up to four in number. This coefficient system is derived from the performance of the teams of each association in the previous five seasons of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

In addition to the direct qualifiers, teams expelled from the Champions League qualifiers get a second chance at the European competition by joining the Europa League qualifying rounds. Specifically, the six teams eliminated in the Champions League play-off round automatically move to the Europa League group stage.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the 48 qualified teams:



17 teams qualify directly for the group stage based on their association and club ratios.
21 teams emerge from the Europa League qualification process.
6 teams are the losers of the fourth qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League.
4 teams, which did not win their national cups, leave the UEFA Champions League in the third qualifying round and move on to the Europa League.

In the process of reaching the final game there are different faces, these begin eleven months before the final, in the months of June and August the qualification is given, at the end of August the draw of the group stage, between the months of September and December the group stage is played.

In mid-December the draw for the 32 round is played in February, in March the 16 round is played, between April and May the quarterfinals and semifinals are played and in the May the grand final of the tournament.

The winner of the UEFA Europa League will get the glorious cup, which is a piece of silver at 15 kg, the UEFA’s heaviest, to make things more interesting, it also has no handles.


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