Fun88, What teams remain at the world cup Qualifiers 2022

Who remains?

World cup 2022: Asia – present day stage/ 1/3 spherical (three have already certified, 2 or three extra can qualify, and six are in competition)

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Qatar are hosts therefore qualify routinely.


Iran and South Korea mathematically fun88 app qualify for Group A with video games in hand, in the meantime the UAE, Lebanon and Iraq are preparing for a play-off role in Group A.


From Group B, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Australia are withinside the lead, handiest of that could qualify through 29 March even as one advances to the teen patti rules play-off towards the crew in 1/3 region, from Group A.


The 1/3 region play-off winner from the suit among the companies isn't confident of qualification. They will face an intercontinental fun88 app play-off against a South American counterpart on 14 June.


South America world cup 2022 – present day stage/ 1/3 spherical (2 have already certified, 2 or three extra can qualify and six are in competition)


Brazil and Argentina have already certified. Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru, Chile and Colombia are in competition for 1/3 and fourth region.

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There is an intercontinental playoff online cricket betting for 5th region, in which the crew will face the winner of the Oceania cycle. Presently, Bolivia is in competition for 5th region.


Two suit days stay on 24 and 29 March, with the playoff being on 14 June.


Oceania – present day stage/ first spherical (zero have already certified, zero or 1 can qualify and eight are in competition)


The qualification manner has now no longer begun out in Oceania, in which fits may be held in Doha. There may be a set stage, a semi very last and a very last.


The winner of the event faces the North American play-off qualifying country.


The international locations in competition are New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Vanuatu and Cook Islands.


Matches may be held from 24-30 March, with the play-off being on 14 June.


North America – present day stage/ 1/3 spherical (zero have already certified, three or four can qualify and seven are in competition)


There are 4 final suit days on this event. The event status consists of Canada, United States, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Jamaica.


The pinnacle 3 groups routinely qualify, even as the fourth region crew will face the Oceania finalist.


Matches may be hung on 2 February and from 24 – 30 March, with the play-off being on 14 June.


Africa – present day stage/ 1/3 spherical (zero have already certified, five can qualify and 10 are in competition)

 South Korea qualified to World Cup 2022!

The African cycle is on its ultimate spherical cycle with an unmarried removal suit final, whoever wins the subsequent fights qualifies from 24-29 March.


Egypt vs. Senegal
Cameroon vs. Algeria
Ghana vs. Nigeria
DR Congo vs. Morocco
Mali vs. Tunisia


Europe – present day stage/ 2d spherical (10 have already certified, three extra can qualify, 12 are in competition) Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland and The Netherlands have been certified as winners of their respective companies. The 2d-region groups in addition to the 2 maximum rating country league groups have been seeded in a knockout gadget with the intention to be performed from 24-30 March.

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Fun88 Three international locations can qualify from the subsequent paths:
Wales vs. Austria VS. Scotland vs. Ukraine
2. Russia vs. Poland VS. Sweden vs. Czech Republic
three. Portugal vs. Turkey VS. Italy vs. North Macedonia